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    The bouncing truck animations started in the beginning of 2005 on a off road truck enthusiast web forum named PavementSucks.com. I drew out the first mini trucks to be used as AIM icons just for fun. Within a month I started drawing out bigger more details ones that bounced. Requests started pouring in for custom bouncing trucks for people to use as their avatars. They all started out with the simplest of programs. MS Paint was the program used to draw out every truck in the beginning and animating them in a free version of Ulead GIF Editor. MS Paint still remains the main program for drawing them out as it gives you complete control over every single pixel. In later animated trucks Adobe Photoshop was used to draw in more advanced windshields and elements.    
     The first bouncing truck animations were drawn by me, with no help from anyone else. A few members of PavementSucks.com tried drawing one here or there but the request kept pouring in. With such a demand and no time for creating them with a busy work schedule, these trucks fell to the back burner. Working a regular full time job, starting a business up with a friend and wrenching on the truck left little time to draw up custom ones for people. A member of PavementSucks.com (Ken / outalne94z71)  started helping out in filling the requests in my absence. I would hop in and try my hand at unusual requests and draw up new parts Ken needed to complete requests. I would get emails here and there asking for a certain make or model body or certain type of tires so he could complete an animation for someone.     
     To this day Ken and myself remain the primary creators of the original bouncing trucks that started back in 2005. I greatly appreciate the help that Ken has offered in helping my idea sweep the nation. These animated trucks have been seen on multiple different discussion forums sites across the world. They have been seen on graphic & clip art sites, informational web pages and even on multiple different social networking sites. Others have started drawing their own versions and a few even claim theirs are original. But this is and will remain the true home of the original Bouncing Trucks.

       -Jeff / Crow5716


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